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Tell us about your experience! 


If there’s something we can do to improve our services and the support we provide communities, we’d love to hear from you. 


Your comments and suggestions on how we can improve will be shared with our services and those will be taken into consideration and actioned where required. 



If you have a complaint, we will action that as quickly as possible in accordance with our complaints policy and provide an outcome once the investigation has been finalised. 

Please note, complaints need to be provided in writing and can be submitted via email or you can  send this complaint form to or by post to:



The Spiers Centre

2 Albatross Court

Heathridge WA 6027

Please contact us on 9401 2699 if you have any queries on our feedback processes. 

Whistleblower Policy

We are committed to integrity in all our work.  If someone has reasonable grounds to suspect improper or corrupt conduct, our Whistleblower Policy supports the confidential reporting of these concerns so reports can be made without fear of retaliation.  

Please contact us at or  9401 2699 should you wish to view a copy.














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