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Support communities through financial hardship and those facing homelessness, family domestic violence, mental illness and food insecurity 

The Spiers Centre free bread food

How your kindness helps


Provide the warmth and comfort of a kids bedtime bundle containing pyjamas, toothbrush and toothpaste


Provide nutrition to a family of four with a box of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat pack for the week.


Support a woman and children experiencing domestic violence with a box of essential groceries, fuel and toiletries.


Keep the lights on for a household struggling with their monthly power bill.


Keep a family off the streets amid the rental crisis and chronic property shortage.


Nominate an amount of your choice.

Donate Goods

We are often in need of essential items such as toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies and baby equipment. If you would like to arrange a collection drive or donate goods please contact us to find out what items we are currently in need of.

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