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Financial Hardship Services

Our Financial Hardship Services support and empower clients to build financial resilience by providing information, money management skills and coaching clients to make better financial decisions. The services deliver practical advice, emergency relief, counselling and group educational sessions funded by the Department of Social Services and Department of Communities.

The Spiers Centre is a member of the Financial Wellbeing Collective which is a partnership of not-for-profit organisations and local government in Perth providing support for those experiencing financial hardship. 

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Please Note: In order to support the high demand for our services, bookings will not be finalised until all forms and documents have been submitted. Our bookings team will confirm the day prior to your appointment that all documents have been returned otherwise your appointment will be allocated to another client and you will need to reschedule.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this, please call us on 9401 2699 to ensure we can provide the necessary support.

Financial Counselling

Our accredited financial counsellors can help with financial difficulty by working through the issues with you to understand the problem, discuss options available to you and support you in finding a solution.


Financial counsellors are able to provide support and assist with:  

  • Addressing financial problems

  • Providing support to manage debts

  • Advocacy and referrals to other services

  • Negotiation with creditors for loan, mortgage or credit card repayments

  • Advocacy where unable to pay bills to organise payment plans 

  • Explanation of the debt recovery process

  • Developing a budget plan and helping you take control of your finances

  • Providing information on bankruptcy and various options

Booking an Appointment


This service is by appointment only. 

The service is in extremely high demand so bookings will need to be in advance and can be made by calling 9401 2699 on Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9am - 3pm.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call on 
9401 2699 as soon as possible so we can reschedule. 

Other services that can assist with managing debt: 



What to bring to your appointment:

(please note, failure to provide these may limit our ability to assist)


  • Payslips or income statements 

  • Bank statements

  • Letters about your Centrelink payments, debts, bills or fines

  • Letters about your tax, rent, assets and other money you receive or pay


Confused about what to bring to your financial counselling appointment? Download and follow this tip sheet to help prepare.

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Our Financial Wellbeing Service will work with clients to improve financial resilience and well-being to increase financial literacy, budgeting skills and strategies to help improve money management skills.


We provide one-on-one budgeting support and more to help build financial resilience and prevent further financial hardship. 

For more information about our Financial Wellbeing support please call us on 9401 2699.

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