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Crisis & Disaster Support

Poverty doesn’t discriminate... just
one major life event
can send a person into crisis

Crisis Support

Disaster Resilient Communities


As the largest Financial Hardship Service in the northern corridor, The Spiers Centre supports communities through unexpected disasters and crisis providing invaluable recovery support.

The recent needs of communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has again tested the responsiveness and agility of our services. We continue to focus on the changing needs of communities and adjusted services to respond to those needs while ensuring the safety and well-being of our centre users and staff.

The Spiers Centre remains highly agile and responsive to disasters and crisis recovery actions ready to provide immediate support through Emergency Relief and longer-term recovery support through our Financial Hardship Services. 


Responses and recovery supports include: 

  • Support for those impacted by the Yanchep and Wooroloo Bushfires

  • Supporting people experiencing homelessness and family domestic violence

  • Rental Relief for those impacted by the current rental crisis

If you would to discuss how we can support any recovery efforts, please call us on 9401 2699 and ask to speak to our Service Delivery Manager. 

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