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Workshops & Support Groups


"I love coming to the centre and when I can't make it I really miss it."

Empowering Communities

The Spiers Centre’s mission is to provide a centre for support, information and empowerment of individuals, families and communities. In pursuing this purpose we aim to make a positive difference and strive towards our vision for strong, caring and resilient communities through the provision of a range of practical and innovative services. 


The strength of The Spiers Centre is the closely embedded connection it has to the community, with the majority of its staff being locals themselves and with close collaboration with local organisations. 

The Spiers Centre aims to work with clients to build their knowledge, confidence and skills through our services and groups. The programs focus on developing knowledge, confidence and resilience consistent with the Centre’s mission.

The Spiers Centre logo Mosaic

The Spiers Centre Logo Mosaic

​This ​mosaic was created and gifted to The Spiers Centre by our very own staff member who provides reception support as well as facilitates the Spiers Centre's Social Club. 

The mosaic now takes pride of place at the  Neighbourhood Centre in Heathridge and is the first thing visitors see when they come in. The mosaic is a wonderful testament to the pride and dedication of our staff and serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to community.

Social Club

The Spiers Centre’s social group is open to anyone who wants to come and make new friends in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Communities are supported to find a sense of belonging through social connections which can add extra meaning and purpose while building resilience. 


If you would like to join any of our community support groups, please call 9401 2699 or email for more details.

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