"The painting class gets the community together and it's led to me making a lot of new friends."

Our clients share their most valuable aspects of their experience with our services...

"Getting help with a food bank membership for a period of time. The lady was lovely"

"The reassurance that it could be sorted out and the understanding that I wasn't alone"

"Being able to share my troubles with a caring and experienced counsellor with help on a credit card debt and in dealing with my bank"

"My Financial Counselor was very good at her job and was in contact with me updating me on my situation frequently."

"Being able to put affordable payment arrangements in place. Information about resources & services available to me."


"A sympathetic listener who seemed to understand our situation and she negotiated with our creditors on our behalf far more successfully than we approached them ourselves. I had previously contacted the debt helpline and found the person who called me back cold and judgemental the only good thing was a referral to the Spiers Centre."


"The financial counsellor was very professional, supportive, helpful, patient and open. I felt very comfortable in sharing my financial situation/difficulties."

"Comforting helping me and my family get back on track by helping our situation and taking financial stress away. Good advise overall"

"Non judgemental and helped us with money towards a utility bill as well as help with the Water Corp"

"I felt very comfortable explaining my situation and the assistance provided at every stage of our conversation. She was so kind an understanding"

"I was able to feed my children as well as pay bills that week"

"That she listened without judgment and offered assistance. Very experienced and knowledgeable"

June 2020