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The Spiers Centre Financial Counselling Testimonials

"The painting class gets the community together and it's led to me making a lot of new friends."

"Thank you for informing me of the outcome. That is a great news. I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts and all the supports which I have received so far from The Spiers Centre during the hardships and much needed times."

"You guys are amazing and I can not thank you guys enough. You guys will remain in my heart forever. I feel privileged to know each and everyone who I have met at The Spiers Centre especially yourself. You have always been very patient with me and treated me with dignity and respect for which I am very grateful and I much appreciate your attitude."

“Some financial assistance, like food vouchers offered, this is the part of my financial life where I don't spend money unless I have it, so often I am limited in food on a weekly basis.”

“Always been helpful” 

“Managing housing costs, emergency relief” 

“Emergency relief”

“The budget planner” 

“I only had 1 phone contact appt. My issue was resolved and I learnt of another service I hadn’t been aware of also from our communication.”


“Understanding of my situation, empathy towards my plight. willingness to help.”


“Very fair and understanding.” 

“Receiving help when every other agency I've been referred too hasn't been able to help.”


“Being able and having the opportunity to talk about financial problems.”

“Friendly, helpful and giving me hope to get through without being bankrupt.” 

“Helped with finances including Centrelink” 

“Being heard and acknowledged, not judged”

“Very helpful and understanding”

“Empathy and support”


“Her kindness and professionalism” 

“Letter writing assistance.”

“Paying my bills then food vouchers” 

“The financial controller Katrina was easy to talk to and very caring. She explained options that were relevant to my needs.” 

“They helped with buying things that I needed for my house.” 

“So good and I'm so happy with her service and looking after the customer.” 

“Better budgeting for utilities”



“Helping me know more about my bills and others services that can also help me and my family.” 

“Understanding and compassionate” 

“Receiving the food vouchers” 

“I have experienced the help that the Spiers Centre offers over many times and always felt helped.” 


“The extra help that was given”

“Food bank card, organising payment plans for utilities, working out a budget."

“Immediate help “

“The confidence to deal with it myself knowing I had 100% support, advice and guidance.“

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