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The Spiers Centre Inc is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals, families and the community in the northern suburbs. We do this by providing assistance through our emergency relief, financial counselling programs, through the provision of personal development programs and support groups and by engaging volunteers in a variety of our activities.

Please feel free to drop in and get to know us better!

Upcoming Events

Free planning Ahead Workshop

A free workshop on Wednesday 8th March 2017, designed to help people learn the skills and  strategies they need to meet monthly household expenses, pay off debt and build savings. Participants will learn to develop a spending and saving plan, discuss goal setting and identify community resources.

Languages of love and children

Workshop overview: Gary Chapman, author of ‘Five Love Languages for Children’ says, “Loving our children isn’t always enough. Learning to speak their love language communicates your love in ways they’ll understand right from the beginning”. This seminar will provide you with insight to your child’s and your own love language.


Term 1 Closure Dates

The Spiers Centre will be closed on the following days in Term 1; Wednesday   15th February 2017          Staff Training Monday          6th March 2017               Labour Day Friday             14th April 2017                Good Friday Monday         17th April 2017                 Easter Monday Tuesday        25th April 2017                 Anzac Day

SNAPSHOT! Our new quarterly update

SNAPSHOT! November 2016 edition

Term 4, 2016 Newsletter

  A message from our CEO   I cannot believe that we are heading into the last part of the year —where has the time gone? Having said that, we have definitely been busy over the last months and have some exciting news to share.   We’ve added a new Social Work service to our […]

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Fun Fact Friday, do you know?
The Australian coat of arms features 2 endemic animals; an emu and a kangaroo. Both of which can only move forward, which is widely considered a symbol of progress and represents the notion that the country is never going backwards.

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Most of us throw away broken crayons, heres a great way to recycle and save the cost of buying new ones.
In our playroom we look at different craft ideas. I have found this easy fun way to recycle broken crayons. Not only can they be colourful and inexpensive but they are very good for young hands to grasp, they make a cool different gift for a child too.

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Free Planning Ahead Workshop

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Each week we will shine the spotlight on one of great people at The Spiers Centre. We hope you enjoy this insight and get to know our wonderful team.

Getting to know - Shannon, Board member

What do you do for work and what is your role on the Board?

I've been a small business owner since 2009 when I launched my business and marketing consultancy, Creative Possibility. I spend my days working closely with other service based business owners teaching them marketing and business growth strategy so they can more magnetically connect with ideal clients and grow their businesses as the go to people in their industries. It is probably no surprise that as a member of the Board I offer marketing strategy and assist the team to market and promote The Spiers Centre.

Who would you like most to have dinner with (alive or dead) and why?

Great question but I always find I've got a long list of people. Most of them are no longer on this earth! With the innovative work I do that also embraces a lot of psychology I'd have to say that Carl Jung and Leonardo Da Vinci would be high on my list, as would Maya Angelou.

What is your favourite quote?

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style." - Maya Angelou

What would you say is the biggest project that you have ever accomplished?

Writing and self-publishing my first solo book in 2013. It became an Amazon best seller which was an added bonus. It's based on an archetypal personal leadership model I created for women that I use in my work to help them identify and take ownership of their core strengths and understand how to live and lead from their effortless success zone.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Any place where there's a beautiful beach and warm tropical water. I love to travel and some of my favourite places include Fiji, Mauritius, Hawaiian Islands, Gili Islands and I have a big list of exceptional beach destinations still to visit!

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Talking too much! I'm much more of a reflector now, but I was a total chatterbox when I was little

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Basic English Lessons now being held at The Spiers Centre ...

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