A little compassion goes a long way.

How The Spiers Centre Helped Me

The Spiers Staff have gotten me above water when I was going under and have assisted in many other ways. If not for support and willingness to help other in a position that can ruin lives if not addressed.  I have always walked out with my confidence boosted massively and more strength that has helped […]

Many Pluses To Positive Thinking

*From the attached article Many Pluses To Positive Thinking – Article     A Heathridge course helping women increase their self-esteem and confidence is looking to boost its numbers when it begins again on Friday.   Project officer Tracey Sanzone, who runs the eight-week workshop at The Spiers Centre, said the vital service would continue […]

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Helpful, understanding and compassionate

“Leanne was extremely polite and helpful, understanding and compassionate.   Huge thanks.”   – Marc Saint

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The start of a journey

“Last year I started on a journey through The Spiers Centre, coming to my first self esteem group. From there I have completed 3 others. Thank you to the staff who helped me start this journey and the food you have helped me with; I am so thankful.”   – Shannen Winning

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“…never any judgement made”

“Tina Bennett has been amazing; helping, advising and liaising with us and our bank. She gave me advice, practical help and a donation. The staff are all amazing and helpful. My husband is too embarrassed to come, but the staff have helped us immensely and there is never any judgement made.”   – Kathryn

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Help for those who need it

“They are really helpful and respectful, and helped me when in need. Thank you.”   – Bradley Dash