Light at the end of the tunnel

Client is married with one dependent child that has been diagnosed with brain tumour. Her child has to have regular MRI’s and now has epilepsy as a result. Client is now seeing psychologist due to ongoing medical and financial issues. Client presented with a mortgage in arrears, rates, water, registration and electricity issues.


Our Financial Counsellor arranged HUGS through Synergy. The Financial Counsellor spoke to the client about a moratorium on her mortgage, but the client advised she was told this would go against her if she did. The Financial Counsellor looked into this with numerous phone calls, including one to a legal adviser, and it was ascertained that this was not the case so the client was able to apply for a moratorium.

Initially, rates had issued notice of intention, but the Financial Counsellor negotiated with them and agreed a lower payment arrangement for 3 months. The Financial Counsellor also discussed the possibility of an early release of super that the client was not aware of. The client advised that she did not have hot water since November 2015 (due to repairs needed on her hot water system that she couldn’t afford) and was washing her 3 year old in a baby bath as it was easier to fill with kettle than the normal bath. The Financial Counsellor applied to The Wearne Trust for repairs to hot water system of $1600, and this was approved.


The client was extremely overwhelmed as she was able to “keep her home and could now see light at end of tunnel”.