Confident to face the future

A playgroup mother came into the playgroup a little earlier as she wanted to discuss her older son who was in school and the school’s suggestion that he be assessed for Autism. She was wondering which avenue to take as her and her husband did not feel there was a problem with him, other than he doesn’t like school.

Mel offered to make some calls to my contacts that deal with supporting parents and families during these times. She provided contacts at Parenting WA and also offered to contact the Ngala child and parent centre in her area and let her know of any support they can offer. Mel also provided some supporting parenting workshops that she booked her husband and herself into.


Last week the client told Mel that she and her husband have decided to take her son to be assessed and thanked Mel for her help, stating that she is more confident to face the future, whatever that may be and continue to do her best as a mum.