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How The Spiers Centre Helped Me

The Spiers Staff have gotten me above water when I was going under and have assisted in many other ways. If not for support and willingness to help other in a position that can ruin lives if not addressed.  I have always walked out with my confidence boosted massively and more strength that has helped […]

Many Pluses To Positive Thinking

*From the attached article Many Pluses To Positive Thinking – Article     A Heathridge course helping women increase their self-esteem and confidence is looking to boost its numbers when it begins again on Friday.   Project officer Tracey Sanzone, who runs the eight-week workshop at The Spiers Centre, said the vital service would continue […]

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Helpful, understanding and compassionate

“Leanne was extremely polite and helpful, understanding and compassionate.   Huge thanks.”   – Marc Saint

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“…never any judgement made”

“Tina Bennett has been amazing; helping, advising and liaising with us and our bank. She gave me advice, practical help and a donation. The staff are all amazing and helpful. My husband is too embarrassed to come, but the staff have helped us immensely and there is never any judgement made.”   – Kathryn

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Help for those who need it

“They are really helpful and respectful, and helped me when in need. Thank you.”   – Bradley Dash

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A place to call home

“Over the past 18 months, I’ve been lucky enough to receive food hampers and financial counselling. Without the help, my kids would not have eaten and we wouldn’t have a place to call home.   Thank you so very much.”   – Bek

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A thankful client

“Your financial counsellor is absolutely amazing! Non-judgemental, easy to talk to and extremely understanding.”     – Anonymous

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An anonymous client

“Very helpful in time of need, no other resources to turn to. Very grateful indeed. Thank you all so very much for your help”   – Anonymous

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From adversity to academics

Cathy has also seen another client a few times who has been escaping domestic violence and has never worked in Australia. They discussed study options given the client had no experience or confidence to enter the workforce. The client expressed a strong interest in community services as she wanted to be able to help others. […]

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In the nicest possible way!

Cathy, our Financial Counsellor, has a client who she has seen multiple times. The client has had major personal issues over the past few years and has finally made the first step to reclaiming her life. They have spoken at length in the past about using her experiences to put them into giving back to […]