Back on his feet and into the workforce

Our client is single and receives a Newstart Allowance of $587 per fortnight. He was a self-employed plumber but was forced to stop work due to a back injury. He is looking to return to the workforce by retraining, but has been depressed due to an ongoing custody battle, health and financial issues. Our Financial Counsellor discussed mental health support services such as Beyond Blue, and a mental health plan through his GP and Lifeline.


Private rent is $480pw and in arrears. His mother assisted where she could, and the client was referred to Red Cross Private Tenancy Support Service for further assistance. Our Financial Counsellor suggested advertising for a boarder to share household costs. As he presented with multiple overdue utilities, the Financial Counsellor processed HUGS applications to keep him connected.


An income and expenditure statement demonstrated a deficit of $868/fn. He had outstanding liabilities with multiple creditors totalling $21,000+, many with debt collectors who were in regular contact. Our Financial Counsellor successfully advocated for moratoriums.


He was sent on a security guard course by his employment provider and successfully passed. The employment provider only paid a $300 deposit towards the course and $596 was outstanding. He was unable to get his security license until he had the course certificate; but he was unable to get the course certificate until $596 was paid. He was very distressed as he had work lined up but could not start until he had his certificate and license. ER was used to pay the remaining balance enabling the client to return to the workforce, meet financial commitments and improve his financial situation. The client stated he did not know what he would have done if TSC had been unable to help. He was extremely grateful and offered to do gardening in return.