The Spiers Centre Inc is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals, families and the community in the northern suburbs. We do this by providing assistance through our emergency relief and financial counselling programs, and through the provision of personal development programs and support groups and by engaging volunteers in a variety of our activities.

    Our opening hours are between 9.00am and 4:00 pm each weekday, and we are situated at 2 Albatross Court Heathridge. We are easy to get to: bus 463 from Joondalup or Whitfords will drop you around the corner in Peninsula Ave, or there is ample parking provided on site.

    Board Profile

    The Spiers Centre Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors, with diverse skill set and business acumen providing ongoing guidance and direction and ensuring governance and the strategic vision of the organisation. The Board meets on a monthly basis and consist of sub-committees who regularly review our policies, legal and compliance regulations, risk management, financial management strategies and new projects. The board has a strong commitment to strong governance to ensure The Spiers Centre achieves its vision with utmost integrity.

George Cowcher

George Cowcher, Chairperson

Finance and Audit Committee, Governance Committee

Date Appointed: November 2016

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science

Faye Turner

Faye Turner, Deputy Chair

Risk Management Committee

Date Appointed: November 2016

Qualifications: Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations, HR), CAHRI

Natasha Morgan

Natasha Morgan, Treasurer

Finance and Audit Committee

Date Appointed: June 2016

Qualifications: Bachelor Of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), Post Graduate Corporate Finance

Kevin Blowfield

Kevin Blowfield, Secretary

Finance and Audit Committee

Date Appointed: November 2017

Qualifications: MSc. Exer & Sprts Sc [Mj. Physiology & Exercise], MBA. Business Management, Entrepreneurship & HRM

Shelley Loermans

Shelley Loermans, Member

Date Appointed: February 2018

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Communications) Management, Graduate Diploma in Construction Law